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Using the Leap Motion hardware with Unity/Web Player

The unity web player cannot communicate directly with the Leap Control hardware. It can however communicate with javascript, which CAN connect with the leap controller. Creating a bridge between these systems is fairly simple... if you know what you are doing. (revised a year ago) More


Buidling a Bender helmet with Aluminum cans (revised a year ago) More

TV worth TiVoing

Nothing is worth watching TV in real time. But if you have TiVo and can blow past the ads, these shows are worth it. (revised a year ago) More

What your car says about you

Car ads seem to imply your car is the loudest part of your personal marketing campaign. What message is is putting out for you? (revised a year ago) More

Using SCSS in WebStorm

Using SCSS in JetBrains' webstorm is handy - but not as straightforward as it could be... (revised a year ago) More

Elmore Leonard

The greatest writer of this generation, the "Writer's writer", passes (revised a year ago) More

"What Would Github Do?"

It is interesting to contrast the way devs treat clients' data against the way they treat their own. (revised a year ago) More